TEC-HRO Stativ 2,0

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The new offhand stand "TEC-HRO stativ 2.1" !!
News are:
■More light !!
■More compact to stow !!
■Faster for build up and reduce because of new levers on the rests– thisway also more hold on the tube!!
■Ammo-holder with disposition to the shooter for a easier removal of ammunition !!
■Better hold of ammunition on the ammo-holder and with fit for the new EXCELLENT Diabolos !!
■Better hold of tubes into one another because of new clamping !!
■New design with white tubes made of fiberglass !!
■Made in Germany !!

With TEC-HRO stativ 2.0, it only requires a very small movement to place the rifle on the side-mounted shelf. The ammunition holder is designed and contoured to hold 2 boxes of smallbore ammunition and air rifle pellets in all available packages. Also, there are holes for tools. The max height is about 170 cm.