AHG Sling Swing

SKU: AH34100
2210 SEK
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Shooting sling SWING is the latestdevelopment of ahg-Anschütz. This is asling with combined precise adjustment. This sling offers the following advantages:
Easy adjustment of length with one handwhile staying in position.
Automatic axial adaption of the forepartof the sling to guarantee a permanentoptimum application of force in position.
Sling fixing and sling are connected bya special persenning closure with whichit is possible to couple and uncouple thesling quickly with one hand.
The arm sling with 4 times adjustablereception for the persenning closureguarantees an optimum sling position.In addition the arm sling can be individuallyadapted to the upper arm by abuckle.
Special, non-extendable sling materialwith textile inlay guarantees optimumstability.