Junior X Jacket

The jacket that grows with you!
311 USD

Junior Jacket

Top quality and fit for juniors
166 USD

Junior Trousers

Durable Trousers made for Juniors!
160 USD

Starter Jacket

Anatomically cut to a low price!
191 USD

Starter Trousers

Stiff strong durable shooting trousers!
179 USD

Model Ultra

The latest in material and cut for jackets !
1838 USD

Model Super NanoTech

We used Nano technic – in both jacket and trousers to make it "the best"
Price From
1800 USD

Model Super Extended

The dress that keep stiffness forever!
Price From
2088 USD

Model Super

Uses a special canvas type named Super Lining !
Price From
1365 USD

Model AirRifle

Especially made for Airrifle shooting!
Price From
1255 USD

Model Standard

Price From
1040 USD


Price From
520 USD

Model Prone

Price From
773 USD

Model Nordic

Price From
1801 USD

Model National

Price From
1689 USD

Model Super Special

Price From
2063 USD

XTC Nordic

We have developed a XTC Nordic.
Price From
1344 USD

Field Jacket

464 USD

Field Target Shooting FT

Jacket made for Field Target Shooting
Price From
500 USD

Model HP Ultimate

The High Power Ultimate is by far the best shooting jacket you will ever own
Price From
844 USD

Model XTC

Price From
563 USD

Fullbore HP Prone

We have developed a fullbore prone jacket
Price From
844 USD