Model Nordic

SKU: MO46001
24330 SEK

The jacket has combined stiffness [Triple super lining] with mobility (super lining / suede). The clothes are maximized title stiff where needed stability to perform at peak performance. Other details are an additional Top-Grip rubber heel that reaches over your shoulder., Extra thick padding under Top-Grip rubber on the sleeves, Individually adapted zipper as height and angle suits you. Large lidded pocket.

The trousers have (triple super lining) around the waist, hips and upper thighs for the best stability. Pants are also extra high cut at the back end of the maxim title support. Extra thick padding in Top-Grip rubber on both knees and hips, Individually adapted zipper so the length and angle suits you. Large lidded pocket on one leg and a powerful "built-in" leather belt in his pants.

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