TEC-HRO system 2.0

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TEC-HRO system 2.0 is a further development of the frequently approved sight adjustment system TEC-HRO system. Aim of the development was to create a simple and easy way of adjustment so that the shooter, for example in the discipline three position, only has to use one sight adjustment system !

Characteristics of the sight elevation:
■Basic hight 11 mm
■The sight raiser can be offset 4 or 8 mm to the side (left or right)
■Longitudinal adjustment 2.5 cm to the front or rear
■As the system consists of a lower and upper plate, the raiser can also be used as an adapter (e.g. Walther foresight holder on a FWB rifle...).
■The raiser can be offset vertically, horizontally and longitudinally at the same time.
■stable, highest quality, made in Germany !
■So also useable unhesitatingly for big-bore-shooting !!
■with distance-parts, made of stainless-steel (not contained in price), the elevation is in 2mm-steps expandable from 11 till 31 mm
■An attractive design “rounds” this sight elevation over

TEC-HRO system 2.0 includes:
Sight adjustment system consisting of lower and upper platesight and foresight raisers

1.5 mm and 2.5 mm allen key

4 steel studs (connectors between lower and upper plate